CARCEL Tank Top Top Baby green
CARCEL Tank Top Top Baby green

Available colours


€150 EUR


€150 EUR

Baby Blue

€150 EUR

Baby green

€150 EUR

Neon green gradient

€200 EUR

Our Silk Twill top is a light easy sleeveless tank top made from natural materials. Cut with a straight loose fit that gives it a beautiful and effortless feel. Subtle hand stitched hook-and-eye closure in the back. Made in Thailand from 100% locally sourced hand woven twill silk.

The twill silk is a sophisticated silk weave that carries itself elegantly – the perfect silk for our solid everyday pieces made to last a lifetime. The twill comes as an effortless material with a refined finish. Unusual for silk made in Thailand, this fabric is woven in a twill pattern, which makes it shiny and matt at the same time. Each color has its own unique shine. The twill silk has a rich feel and drapes beautifully. Our twill silk is sourced from Thailand.

#### CARE
Cold iron and dry clean only.

#### FIT & SIZE
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