What We Mean by Fair Wages

What we mean by fair wages

We benchmark our wages against local living wages, as recommended by the International Labor organisation (ILO). A living wage, is the amount of income that is needed to cover the cost of living in a given country. Defining a living wage is complicated, as the methodology is based on the actual cost of living for a single person or a family in a given geographical area. This varies widely whether you live in the countryside or the city, and depending on the size of the family or co-dependencies you have.

The costs of living in a prison are different than on the outside. However, most of our employees have families to provide for and we, therefore, benchmark with a living wage that covers the support of families outside of prison. We monitor the local conditions and should any general changes be applied to the labor markets within the countries in which we operate, we are ready to adjust our employees’ wages accordingly. 

We engage with our employees directly to get their feedback, as well as with international experts from organizations such as the ILO and the UN in order to ensure that we comply and go beyond The Convention Against Forced Labor and The United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners.