How we work in prisons

Setting up our own production facilities within prisons, and managing these ourselves enables us to make sure that the labour rights and wages are assimilated to best practices within production sites outside of prisons. We have appointed our own production managers in our two production facilities, in Cusco, Peru, and Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are on site every day, managing everything from recruitment, training, working hours and payment to ensure that our standards are maintained and developed. Our Copenhagen based team also visits on a regular basis. We see our workspaces in Thailand and Peru as an extension of our company in Denmark. 

A large part of the design process takes place together with our teams inside of the prison. And it is important to us that everyone learns all different techniques from stitching to pattern making. Our teams are exceptionally talented and committed, and function more and more as the design development studio. It is an imperative to us, that we contribute to a responsible work culture in which our employees know their rights and feel safe to speak out. 

Work hours are closely regulated and restricted to a maximum of 30 hours per week to allow for other prison activities. Our employees are entitled to days off, as well as sick days. Production is stopped for national holidays, visits, and prison events. Work time is flexible in order to give room for legal processing of cases, doctors appointments and therapy. We also have courses in other areas of expertise in order to develop new skills that are useful for life after prison. So far, we have carried out courses in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, English, jewelry making and business plan development.