The entire fashion industry needs transparency. We need to talk much more about who makes our clothes, how wages are set, what the costs are and what the profits are spent on. That’s a conversation we want to be part of. We’ve built our prices from the bottom up. This means that we start with the cost of a fair wage, then we add the cost of quality materials and all other costs related to that product. This is our true cost. We then add a mark-up of 2.5 - 3.5. We sell directly to our customers, which means well made luxury  - without the retail mark-up. 

All profits are reinvested back into the company. We have consciously developed our business model in order to secure our production sustainably in the long term. We aim for growth in order to expand our teams and production sites, and work inside more prisons, and provide opportunities for more women. We are currently working on a building a third facility outside prison in Chiang Mai, Thailand to employ women after release.

Materials                                                        €32

Labour                                                            €15

Operations                                                      €12

Bio packing                                                      €3

Freight                                                              €6

Photoshoot                                                        €3

etc. Marketing cost                                          €10

True cost                                                          €82

Mark-up                                                           2.9

Price for customer                                          €240

We are committed to break with broken systems and create better ones. This journey is full of complexity, mistakes, innovation and creativity. We are always looking to listen, learn and develop. If you have questions or inputs, please get in touch.