CARCEL is a Copenhagen based fashion brand with a circular take on fashion. We are pursuing a positive impact agenda.

Since 2021 CARCEL has new owners and a new design team. We relaunched with the ambition to create a purpose driven platform, where great fashion and social responsibility go hand in hand with transparency and circularity to make a difference.


We no longer work with prisons but still work against poverty. The current COVID situation as well as other factors made us realize that we can build a different responsible production, which also enables us to make a difference. Training and fair wages gives our employees tools to take care of their families and future, in return we hope to support a base of living and education for a better future. Naturally, we cannot stop all crime, but we believe that every action counts. Our production now supports already existing responsible and focused productions, also within Europe. By only using specialized manufacturers and with a one on one contact, every step of the production is known. Not only does this mean proud manufacturers, it also means honest products.


We firmly believe in seasonless dressing and trust that great quality and beautiful timeless essentials will last beyond trends. Working with drops only, we guarantee elegance with a twist and easy to combine items. We are drawn to the notion of stripping down and simplifying – in life, and in our wardrobes.


We are against overproduction and overconsumption. We rather reduce than overproduce. This means that we produce in smaller batches, reducing deadstock and avoiding wasteful over-production. We focus on working with natural fibres. Deadstock materials from productions of other brands is also a natural part of our portfolio.


Carcel has put CARCEL CIRCULAR in place. A platform where you can trade your pre-loved items into a voucher for our shop. This way we make sure that our products will be worn out and used to their full potential. Even if you have been through a breakup with your garments, we never stop loving our styles. Receive re-love advice here.


Carcel has created the CARCEL COLLECTIVE FUND, a fund 100% independent of our brand put in place to support initiatives for the environment and human empowerment. When you purchase an item from us you automatically become part of our CARCEL COLLECTIVE. As a member of our collective, you help collecting funds through purchases and decide where the funds will be allocated. Learn how to here.


We believe radical transparency is the way forward in order to continuously educate ourselves, improve our practices and help move the general industry forward. To us this is an ongoing commitment that we will attend to increasingly along the way. In collaboration with our independent fund and our ongoing B-Corp certification we are doing our utmost to be transparent in relation to our employees, production, suppliers, wages and materials. Read more about that here.