Our Core Values

Fashion Beyond Seasons
We genuinely believe in season-less dressing, in the value of beautifully made timeless essentials that last beyond this trend or that. We prioritize long-lasting quality and are drawn to the notion of stripping down and simplifying – in life, and in our wardrobes.

Empowering Women 
The main cause of female incarceration in Thailand and Peru is drug-trafficking committed by single mothers who need to provide for their families. We have set up and run our own production sites inside of women’s prisons in order to provide an opportunity for financial inclusion and skills development, so women can support themselves, their families and save up for release. Our teams are talented and powerful women, and we are proud to work develop every design with them, mixing danish simplicity and local craftsmanship. 

Natural and Sustainable Materials
We source natural and sustainable materials local to the region of production. Our knits are made from extra luxurious baby alpaca wool from the Andes mountains, from the Huacaya alpaca, a breed that has the thickest and softest wool. We use old-school analogue knitting machines that produce less waste than giant industrial versions. Our silk is mainly sourced from Thailand, which carries rich traditions in hand-weaved silk.

Reducing Waste
We are against over-production and overconsumption. By operating our own workshops we can adjust to demand in real-time. That means production in smaller batches, reducing dead stock and avoiding wasteful overproduction. We will never put our products on sale - but are firmly believe that quality maintains its value, no matter what month it is.

All Profits are Reinvested
All profits go back into the company; we want to build a sustainable business model and we are in it for the long haul. The plan is to grow the brand to expand teams in our two existing prison workshops, and open more. We are currently working on building a third facility outside prison in Chiang Mai, Thailand to employ women after release.

We believe radical transparency is the way forward in order to continuously educate ourselves, improve our practices and help move the general industry forward. For a transparent break-down our practices, prices, wages and costs. See our break-down here