The entire fashion industry needs transparency. We need to talk much more about who makes our clothes, how wages are set, what the costs are and what the profits are spent on. 

We are a social business because we believe in improving lives for women in prison through a sustainable business model. Everything we make we invest back into the company. We make sure that our employees get fair wages*, and invest in the production equipment and machinery, training, high-quality materials, and natural materials in timeless designs that last. 

Our prices reflect an equal investment in social impact, production costs, and business development.

 *see under our team


our pricing strategy

We build our prices from the bottom up. This means that we start with the cost of a fair wage, then we add the cost of quality materials and all other costs related to that product. This is our true cost.

Materials; is the costs of the yarn, fabric, thread, dying and print from our regional suppliers.
Labor; is the salary of the working hours from the beginning to the end of a product.
Operations; is the maintenance of our machinery, quality check, local documents and labor of our production manager
Bio packing; is hangtags, neck- and care label and biodegradable packing.
Freight; is CO2 compensated freight from Peru and Thailand to Denmark. 


our mark-up

We sell both through selected stores and online. This means that both our mark-up and our cost vary depending on the sales channel. It is, however, important that the price of a product is the same no matter whether you find it in a store or online. And to us, it is important that it never goes on sale and never loses its value, no matter what month it is.

*When we are selling online, the costs are higher due to online payment fees, packaging, and shipping to customers. Cutting out retail, our mark-up is higher.

how we spend the money

Everything we make is reinvested back into our company. 

We have consciously developed our business model in order to secure our production sustainably in the long term. We aim for growth in order to expand our teams and production sites, and work inside more prisons, and provide opportunities for more women.

Our earnings are reinvested into our business model, to ensure improvements in current practices as well as in long-term solutions. For our impact and production, we invest in new materials, new equipment, salaries, training workshops, skills development and infrastructure inside the workplace, as well as travel to visit our team in Thailand and Peru. 

Business development is key to our company’s growth. By this, we mean marketing, design and product development, and all of our business operations. The more we grow, the more impact and awareness we can create. 

We also use our available resources to invest in our next production facility. By this, we mean expanding our team and outlining the norms, rules, and responsibilities of our practices in a way that we can communicate these with our different stakeholders. We are currently working on establishing our third production site outside of prison in Thailand in order to employ women upon their release.