Carcel supports already existing responsible and focused productions in Europe among others. All our fabrics and yarns are certified. By only using specialized manufacturers and with a one on one contact every part of our production is known to us. Not only does this mean proud manufacturers, it also means honest products.


We source natural and sustainable materials local to the region of production. Our knits are made from extra luxurious baby alpaca wool in Peru, our handknitted pieces of pure wool are made in Italy and our cashmere is sourced and produced in China. We use old-school analogue knitting machines and create many handknitted styles, which produce less waste than giant industrial versions. When we cannot source only natural fibres we use deadstock from other productions in order to reduce leftover materials. Our deadstock production is mainly placed in Portugal, where we produce jersey styles and suiting garments.


All our baby alpaca garments are made in Peru. Our partners here are part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme by Quijas, an agribusiness in Peru, whose goal it is to empower women and help them develop their soft capabilities and knitting skills to use them as a tool for doing business. This way women can knit from home to earn their salaries while taking care of their family.

The programme has provided business and technical training to more than 100 handcraft knitters and has succeeded in connecting them to the international market. It shares our vision of offering employment opportunities to high skilled women artisans from isolated communities in the Andes region and giving them fair wages.

We only use BABY ALPACA YARN sourced in Peru. It is a soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fibre that comes in a beautiful range of over 22 natural colours and can be dyed in all colours by choice. Alpaca yarn is hypoallergenic, thermoregulating and self-cleansing. It is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


CARCEL’s handknits in merino, mohair and pure wool are made in Italy. Our partners here enable women to work from home in order for them to earn a salary while taking care of their family. The production is placed in Sorano in the south of Toscana, meaning a shorter shipping distance. Each of the handknitted styles are unique, as every woman puts her own touch on the garments while making them.

MERINO WOOL is much finer and softer than regular wool. It is a natural fibre grown year-round by Merino sheep, consuming a simple blend of natural elements. Every year these sheep produce new fleece, making  the wool a completely renewable fibre. Our merino wool is mulesing free and animal friendly.

MOHAIR is a yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat. It feels warm in winter and remains cool in summer as it has excellent insulating properties. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant and crease-resistant. Our wool is mulesing free and animal friendly.

SHEEPS WOOL is hypoallergenic, thermoregulating and self-cleansing. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Our sheep’s wool is sourced from Italy, it is mulesing free and animal friendly.


Our jersey and suiting pieces are made in Portugal by using deadstock left from other productions only. We work with suppliers who are running circular factories and fabrics. All fabrics used are certified. Even though our choices are limited using deadstock fabrics only, we aim to use natural fabrics whenever it is possible. Our jersey supplier is run by women only. Our suiting supplier is sustainable in every aspect of their business.

All our JERSEY  fabrics are made of 100% organic cotton and certified with the Nordic swan ecolabel. Our organic cotton is farmed and grown without any use of chemicals, pesticides, and defoliants. This means that the fabric is much healthier to produce for the farmers, as well as much healthier for you and the environment. The main advantages of jersey knits are versatility, wrinkle resistance, durability, softness and elasticity.


We have chosen to produce our silk and cashmere in China as the fabrics originate from here. Our partners are known for their love for the craftmanship and produce a very high quality that lasts a long time. Our silk is always deadstock from other productions. Our cashmere is responsible and certified.

CASHMERE is a fiber in demand for its soft, warm and long-wearing characteristics. It is derived from the downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat and is up to 8 times more insulating than regular sheep’s wool, providing superior insulation. Like other wool it is natural, hypoallergenic and wrinkle-resistant.

SILK is an animal fibre produced by certain insects and arachnids. The origin of silk production and weaving is ancient and undoubtedly began in China. Although it is one of the strongest natural fibres, silk is also one of the most delicate fabrics and should be treated as such. All of our silk is deadstock which means we limit the use of chemicals and energy.


All paper and packaging we use as part of our product and product delivery are either FSC-certified or derived from recycled sources.