Our Story

Both socially and environmentally, we are pursuing a positive impact agenda. Founded in 2016, we produce clothing from natural materials sourced locally in the region of production - Alpaca in Peru, silk and lyocell in Thailand. We do not work within seasons or have sales. While following the less is more ethos, we produce in limited quantities to eliminate overproduction.  

All our styles are made by women who are serving sentences in prisons in Peru and Thailand. We manage our own production sites within these prisons and our employees opt in voluntarily in exchange for fair wages and training. Employees are mostly single mothers incarcerated for nonviolent, poverty-related crimes. Training and wages give them tools to reconnect with their families outside and remap their future. Our employees share their knowledge and craftsmanship with us. Every piece of CARCEL clothing is signed by its maker.

The main cause of female incarceration in Thailand and Peru is drug-trafficking committed by single mothers who need to provide for their families. We have set up and run our own production sites inside of women’s prisons in order to provide an opportunity for financial inclusion and skills development, so women can support themselves, their families and save up for release. Our teams are talented and powerful women, and we are proud to work develop every design with them, mixing danish simplicity and local craftsmanship. 

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