our dogmas

We see business as a key driver for addressing challenges in society. Here's a set of dogmas that we’ve built our company on.


Economic inclusion and social impact

We set up and run our own production sites inside of women’s prisons in Peru and in Thailand in order to provide opportunity, and fair wages. We are in close contact with our local production managers, who go to the prisons on a daily basis.

Human connection

We want to put the human connection back into what we wear. Each piece is carefully made by a person, and you will find the name inside of each garment.

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Quality beyond seasons

We do not do seasons or sales but create long-lasting pieces both in relevance and quality. We believe that products do not lose value - and will never go on sale.

Only natural and sustainable materials

Baby alpaca wool, silk, and lyocell. We only use the finest natural and sustainable materials native to the region where we manufacture.

Reducing waste

Managing our own production facilities makes it possible for us to adjust in real-time. That way, we can stay relevant, make smaller quantities and reduce dead stock and overproduction.

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