Studio Shop Opening (10.8)

Last Thursday we opened our studio shop to family, old friends, and new friends. Our studio is located in the heart of Vesterbro in what was formerly VESS gallery. We are so excited to have a physical presence in Copenhagen where you can come be a part of our world. 

Our studio combines our shop, showroom, and our everyday office. We have the shop in the front where we also do work and have meetings. In the second room, we have our daily office - here we develop designs, have daily contact with Thailand and Peru, and plan campaigns.

Our new space will be a place where people can meet, explore and buy our products, and we will frequently host events and talks. We aim to start larger conversations about fashion, sustainability, ethics and how to change the industry for the better. And we believe in doing this by involvement and open dialog. 

Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate a new chapter of our journey. 


Our store is located at Oehlenschlægersgade 36, Vesterbro in Copenhagen. 

The opening hours are: Thursday 12-6PM, Friday 12-6PM, Saturday 12-4PM.