#carcelpeople - Ronan McKenzie

Ronan McKenzie has a talent for portraits - always capturing beautiful people around her and creating empowering imagery for some of the greatest and Carcel is extremely proud to be part of her book. Ronan shot our Milano campaign in London – portraying brothers, parents, sisters, and couples.


Ronan McKenzie, Photographer.


Can you describe the thoughts behind the campaign?

One thing that kept coming up when I was reading through the Carcel Women's stories was family and how important their families are to them. Family is super important to me too, and I thought that shooting real families would be a beautiful way to translate the Milano from inside prison in Cusco, to people that will wear the Milano.

Where and who did you grow up with?

I grew up in Walthamstow, North East London in the house that I was born in, and lived until I was 21. I shared a room with one of my older brothers, Jay until I was 15 so we've always been super close. Then my other brother Marcel is the encourager of the family, then there's Siobhan - my oldest sister.

Auden and Nathaniel, brothers. The Young Family and The Voegele-Downing Family. By Ronan McKenzie.


What is most special about a family relation.

My family relationships are so precious and special to me because nobody knows me in and out quite like my family. I don't think anyone can make me laugh quite as hard as my brothers and sisters, and they are the people that I know love and care about me unconditionally. Knowing that there are people that understand you without explanation, or can always make you smile no matter how irritating they can be or annoyed you can get with each other is such a valuable friendship. I think family relationships - if healthy - can keep you grounded and support you through anything.


Would you tell us about a special memory you shared with your family?

I think one of my most vivid memories is a situation that occurred so many times throughout my life, which I'm sure will continue to happen in the future. When any of us kids were sick or had a cold, my mum would cook up a 'hot toddy', a pungent mix of garlic, ginger, lemon, and honey to sweat and cleanse anything out of us. But of course if one of us was having it, that means all of us would have it, and we would sit around the table almost naked because we were so hot, sweating garlic through our pores chatting and laughing.


Ronan McKenzie has a talent for portraits - always capturing beautiful people around her and promoting diversity throughout. She's an i-D darling creating empowering imagery for Marques Almeida, Stella McCartney, and Nike. Carcel is extremely proud to be part of her book, and we're super excited to do more work together in the future. 


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