Ready for #friendsfirst

Carcel is officially launching Carcel to the wide world during Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2017. But before this, we want to give you a special treat. A limited amount of new styles will be released exclusively for our special friends and followers, who wants to be first to see, buy and wear Carcel. We are proud to show you what we have made.

Our production is ready

We are now running a functional production facility in our first women’s prison in Peru. Thanks to our fantastic team in Cusco, Peru, we have established an opportunity for the women there to work and develop their skills and earn a good income.

With the money they earn, they can provide for themselves, their families, send their children to school and ultimately save up for a new and crime-free beginning.

The women on our team are really committed to the project and their engagement and dedication is the simple reason that Carcel is now able to pre-launch a limited number of new styles.

Our new styles are ready

We are proud and excited to show you what we’ve made. After our Creative Director Louise van Hauen last visited Cusco in March, she along with our talented team of knit designers have been working night and day to unite the untraditional production set up with the high standards of Danish design.

You will be able to spot the Nordic heritage of our roots where functionality and attention to detail meets premium material and effortless style. We’ve worked with a tireless ambition for merging high quality design with sensible production, our design team has made no compromises on either functionality, detail, material or style.

Louise is obsessed with balancing the beauty of classic elements and current relevance with a cool, considered and casual attitude. “The new styles was born out of love for shapes and textures that are flattering and make you feel smart without trying” says Louise.

The first batch of our new products will be shipped from Peru soon, and we have decided to dedicate this opportunity to you, allowing you to see and wear Carcel before everyone else. Next time we open, will be for our official launch in August. Thank you for being a friend of Carcel.

Ready for #friendsfirst Ready for #friendsfirst