Raising awareness on prisoner's rights at the OECD Garment and Footwear Forum 2020

Millions of incarcerated individuals are working for private and public organizations across the world, manufacturing the goods we wear and use. Pay is minimal and conditions are often sub-standard.

We are raising this issue at the OECD Garment and Footwear Forum on Thursday to discuss how to protect and respect prisoners' rights in the supply chain, ensure positive social impact when working with prisoners and avoid exploitation.

We have undergone a process to develop a pilot best practice code of conduct and implementation rules, inspired by OECD Guidance, to manage the risks of using prison labor and meet our vision of creating social impact and rehabilitation.

Fair employment rights for prisoners is a global issue. So we have invited unions, governments, and businesses to discuss so we can raise global awareness.



Olivia Windham Stewart - Independent business and human rights specialist (moderator)

Veronica D'Souza - Founder, Carcel

Muriel Jourdan-Ethvignot - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Luke Smitham - Senior Consultant, Kumi Consulting

If registered for the OECD Garment & Footwear Forum, confirm your participation in this session via email to tania@carcel.co

WHEN: Thursday 13th February, 1.00 pm - 2.30 pm

WHERE: OECD Chateau Room D, OECD, Paris.


More to come on the discussions and will be speaking with thought leaders around the world about this.