Our production in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our second production site - the women's prison just outside Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. When we decided that we wanted to start working with silk, we knew to look east for our second production site. 

In our workshop, the women work together in teams and learn about every part of the construction, sewing, and embroidery. The daily training and production inside the prison is run by our local production manager, Thanakon. He goes to the prison every day and works alongside the women and ensures that we are constantly updated on the production. No electronics are allowed inside the prison, instead, we invest in strong human relationships by having our Copenhagen team visit several times a year. 


Silk is a luxurious, beautiful and versatile material, and therefore a perfect fit for Carcel. Thailand carries such rich traditions in silk which has resulted in the complex techniques and designs that have been carried down for centuries.

Traditional One-ply silk

The One-ply silk celebrates the ancient craft and tradition for spinning and hand-weaving silk in Thailand. The silk thread comes from an organic mulberry farm in Isaan province weaved by women in the villages around. Playful, bold-colored traditional silk is used for accessories.

Twill silk

The twill silk Is quite unusual for silk made in Thailand. This fabric is woven in a twill pattern, which makes it shiny and matt at the same time. Each color has its unique shine. The silk twill has a rich feel and drapes beautifully.

Satin silk

Satin silk refers to the method of manufacturing silk in a satin structure. This is what gives it that smooth and shiny look. As it is 100% silk, it doesn't attract any static electricity. Our satin silk is sourced from Wujiang, China.

Queens silk 

The queens silk is an incredibly thick and exclusive quality, used for our original 'denim look' jackets. It is hand weaved on large traditional wood looms inside the prison. It takes a week to make just one meter. The silk is thick and strong and stamped with Queen Sirikit’s quality peacock seal.

Hand embroidery

Details that make a statement - a selection of the silk pieces have been specially designed to honor the strong Thai tradition for hand embroidery. We have jackets, belts, skirts, bags, and hats that are hand-embroidered with the beautiful Thai typography, stating the name of the woman who crafted the garment.  Pat has specialized in drawing the typography, and Kaim is our embroidery queen. Hand embroidery is a luxury, that takes time. Going back to quality materials and craftsmanship as what we think of as the new luxury.