Our digital voice

Digital copywriter


Our take on Fashion is different. We want to build a new type of supply chain that has impact and make it desirable through product, process and brand to buy quality that lasts and is made well. We are growing and we are looking for the best digital native who understands how to build an online brand and a community on all digital platforms through captive copy that stands out. 

We have set up our own productions inside of women’s prisons in Thailand and Peru in order to create financial inclusion and new skills. We don’t do seasons and we don’t do sales. Instead, we do smaller drops that we launch throughout the year.  We’ve got a lot of stories to tell from our productions inside prisons, the nerdiness of materials and techniques, and the overarching pressing industry challenges of this decisive decade that we need to address.

We need to slow down fashion fast, make it better and make people join. We need to dare to talk about stuff that matters again.
We are looking for the best person who will grow the brand, become its voice, and grow our online presence and engage.



- know digital campaigning, have worked with direct to consumer brands or media, pr, blogs, etc. Turning complicated content and quality products into a proper dialogue is what you love. 
- are incredible at capturing anyone in a three word instagram or a 3 page blogpost. 
- care about the world, know what’s going on, take a stance and can dissect complicated topics using humor, edge and sass.
- know exactly who the new cool brands are, cause that’s your hobby
- do strategy, campaign planning, love taking charge and executing. 
- if you also know video and do graphics, that’s a major win. 
- are just a treat to be around.


      Us: Small agile team based in Vesterbro. Global customers, global mindset. Ready to expand. We are a startup - so expect many hats, a lot of responsibility, fast pace and the actual opportunity to shape something.

      More: Forbes, Vogue, NYT, i-D

      The position is full time and you will report directly to CEO Veronica D’Souza in Vesterbro Copenhagen. 

      Interviews will be done on a rolling basis starting soon, and we are looking for the right candidate to begin asap. Please send your application and CV asap to carcel@carcel.co

      We look forward to hearing from you.