New knitting machines

Already before our Kickstarter campaign ended, the amazing support from our backers made it possible for us to get started early and buy the machinery needed in Cuzco, Peru!

New machines

It requires skills to work the right machines correctly - and to know which machines to use for which type of yarn and knit. We've carefully screened the Lima scene and found 5 fantastic machines that will get us started with production.

knitting machine

With the help from our local Peruvian production manager and knitting expert, we have sourced machines that are able to knit the soft and luxurious Milano knit items which includes our men’s and women’s sweaters and pants as well as the scarf.

New machines

We also bought two machines that are able to knit the very fine and lightweight jersey knit for our unisex tee.

The reason for why we need different machinery for the different items is due to our choices of knit. The machinery has different gauges. Meaning the needles are placed with different distances. The lower the gauge, the fewer the needles per inch or centimeter. This makes the machines with a lower gauge more suitable for relatively thicker yarn.

The higher the gauge, the thinner the yarn and the finer the knit. This makes these machines perfect for the super fine wool jersey that our unisex tee is made of.

The last machine we’ve invested in, is the machine necessary for connecting the fully-fashioned knit pieces into a finished garment. This special machine is needed in order to create the elastic stitching that makes the knitwear able to move freely and stay elastic even in the seam-like places where the piece is assembled. Every pledge made has gone to employing women in prison and setting up production in Cuzco’s women’s prison in Peru.

Knitting machine from Veronica on Vimeo.

New knitting machines New knitting machines