Life inside #1: Prison Style

After Copenhagen Fashion Week we felt a strong urge to give you a peek into a completely different world: the fabulous style in prison. In the Cusco Women's prison where we've set up our first production, there are no face tattoos, no orange jumpsuits or striped outfits. The women dress up and wear make-up as they would if they lived outside. When the inmates are not at work, they knit, babysit, eat snacks and take naps - things that make them feel less like prisoners.

Our good friend and photographer Nikolaj Møller
joined us in Cusco with his camera.

Nikolaj traveled with us to Peru in December 2016. As we were training the women, editing samples, sourcing neck labels and meeting with the prison system, Nikolaj was bonding with the female prisoners and getting them to pose for the camera. “Some of them were definitely more into it than others, but everyone was having a great deal of fun”, Nikolaj says.

He also points out a general challenge when photographing women: “It’s often more difficult to photograph women. Women tend to be very particular on  photos of themselves. Actually no matter how beautiful or cool they are. It must be a women’s issue :)”


Dignity is a huge driver for the work we do in Cusco’s Women’s prison. We are truly exited to showcase these wonderful photos of the women that we all care so much for.
















Life inside #1: Prison Style Life inside #1: Prison Style