Stories from the inside #5 Rocio

Rocio is talented, professional and smart. The other girls named her „la mejor trabajadora“, the best worker. Her family lives far away and she never gets any visits, so she is really happy to have a lot of work to make time pass. Rocio shared her story with us and we have taken the liberty to translate and tell her story.


I am originally from Quillabamba and the third child out of five. My parents are divorced. Mom is living with her new family in Lima and my dad moved with his new wife to Brazil. After High School, I moved to Cusco to work in a fashion store. I got to know a handsome guy, who was a lot older than me. I fell in love with him and after 6 months I wanted him to get to know my family in Quillabamba.

On our way there, he told me that he would also use this as an opportunity to search for new personnel in Quillabamba. On our way home I was driving the car with three new girls and we got stopped by a police control. What I didn‘t know at that time was that the girls were hired to work as prostitutes in Cusco. Only the girls knew the truth and suddenly I was accused for human trafficking. During the control, my boyfriend conveniently disappeared and I haven't heard from him since.

I got sentenced to 12 years and now have 6 years left. I feel that I have learned a lot from this situation and in strange way, I am happy that it happened because now I can see how careless I was before. I have learned to be more careful and conscientious with my life and this is the one thing that makes me happy.

Rocio's dream is to study tourism and to leave Peru. She would really love to live in Brazil with her father. She never gets any visits because her family live so far away and nobody has the time to visit her in Cusco. Therefore, she is really happy to have a lot of work. She loves to dance and is in love with the Brazilian music.

We share this story with you so you can get to know a little more about who is making your clothes. Some of the women we work with have pledged guilty and some not guilty. But we do not judge and it is not our business to investigate their cases. Our mission is to give the women who are motivated the best possible opportunity to get a better life during and after prison.

Stories from the inside #5 Rocio Stories from the inside #5 Rocio