#inspiration: a visit our Copenhagen studio

We operate our business from a small office in Copenhagen. The space includes a tiny entrance hall/fitting room, a design studio, an office for communications, marketing, PR and sales and a tiny kitchen. Photography: Carcel & Marie My 

Until now, we've been known for our knitwear line in alpaca wool. That's about to change as we're moving into production in 100% silk in a Thai prison north of Bangkok. We are inspired by everything from men's thobes, 90's music and 70's sportswear. All represented in a jumble of pins in our design room. 

People are inspiration. We have a lot of people visiting our studio. Friends, customers, creative partners, postmen etc. We find inspiration in the way they dress, what they wear and things they say. It's important to talk to people outside of the office when you are working in a small studio and with the same people  every day. You never know what they'll give you.

Left: We make "graphicos" and prototypes on this "domestic" table top knitting machine to make iterations and new styles. Most of our styles are made on hand-driven knitting machines. Right: Only our exclusive a Mano line is made with traditional needles.