How to care - silk

Silk is the strongest natural fiber and is also known for its luster, shine, and durability. It combines a soft feel and elegant appearance with an absorbent nature, strength, and durability. However, like all the best things, it also deserves a little extra care. To get the most out of our garments it is important to care for them, so you can cherish your longer-lasting items for years. We want you to get the most out of your garment and have it in the best condition possible – for as long as possible.


Silk is an ancient, sophisticated material made out of natural fibers from the cocoons of different silk larvae. It has been refined and optimized in its quality and production overages and is traditionally produced in countries such as China, India, and Thailand. Many different types of quality and finishes exist under the material-umbrella that ‘silk’ covers, such as Charmeuse, Chiffon, Habutai, and Raw silk. Production methods of how the fiber is being treated and spun, as well as the technical textile construction, all have a say in how the fiber behaves and looks. 




Fill a bucket with lukewarm or cold water (no more than 30 degrees C) and add a mild detergent specifically developed for delicate textiles. Soak the silk in it and rinse the soap out of the silk in cold water. Gently squeeze the water out and absorb excess water with a towel. Lastly, hang the silk to dry. 


We highly recommend using hand washing to care for your silk. But if you choose to machine wash, use a low heat washing program and place the silk inside a laundry bag or a pillowcase to protect the item. Use a mild detergent specifically developed for delicate textiles and, lastly, hang the silk to dry. 


Use the lowest heat setting on your iron. Many irons have an actual silk setting, we recommend using it. To avoid lime stains use distilled water and place a piece of cotton fabric on top of the silk. Iron the silk on the inside of the fabric and remember to only iron dry silk. 


Store the silk items in cool and dry places and avoid direct sunlight.

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