#carcelpoeple - The Tarnawski Sisters

"We've never felt too much from here or too much from there. And at the same time very much from here and there." The Tarnawski sisters grew up in Granada, with a Polish dad and a Spanish mum. Today, the three sisters live in different countries and feel very separated, yet very connected. As the family gathered for holiday in Barcelona, Irene Baque took the opportunity to show and tell their story.

Carla, London, 27

Julia, Barcelona, 24

Lita, Madrid, 21


How did you grow up?

We grew up in a big family of 4 children, our parents and Antonia, an old nanny that used to take care of my mum when she was a child and stayed in my family since then. 

Our dad is Polish and my mum is Spanish. They met in Berlin and raised us in Granada, in the South of Spain. When Lita was a baby we all moved to Barcelona, where my mum’s family lived. 

We used to spend our summers between the Pyrenees and our house in the countryside of Poland with my grandparents. It was a different culture and language but for us, it was the best experience ever! Especially because we used to travel there by car. During the 2 days, we spent on the car driving from Spain to Poland we would have the best and most extreme time ever: we sang, drew, fought, and laughed. It was quite extreme but we bonded forever.

What we like most about our house is that it is always full and everybody finds themselves at home. It is open to everyone and there’s always something going on. My parents like to have guests and even if we were already 7 at home they would always offer the couch to their friends. I love that spirit!



What got you to where you are today?

My parents invested a lot in education. Apart from school, we learnt music. Carla played Piano, Guillermo & Lita cello and Julia Violin. My mum used to sit with us while doing our homework and making sure we were making the most of our lessons. 

But that’s something anecdotic. What has taken us to where we are (and where we dream to be one day) is the confidence of knowing that we are loved by our family no matter what. Our parents have always given us as much freedom as advice and have supported us in all our decisions.


What’s your most important turning point?

The most important turning points have always been related to travelling. When we moved from Granada to Barcelona or when we spent 6 months living in Ohio (USA). Also when Julia spent a year in Argentina and we went to visit her or when Carla moved to London in 2017. These are the moments where we felt we grew in all possible ways.



What’s your relation to Carcel?

We love the ethics of it and were extremely surprised when we saw how cool the designs were, it’s a great and powerful concept to fight poverty, respecting the planet and at the same time keeping up with fashion trends. What a perfect combo!


What’s your hopes for the future? 

Love and peace in all households, neighbourhoods, cities and countries, so that everybody starts their life journeys with equal opportunities and they can follow their dreams. Our hope as sisters is to see our sons and daughters playing together as we did when we were children. And for humanity? We can’t wait to see people going to the moon for Holidays! The future is exciting. 



THE TARNAWSKI sisters x CARCEL from Irene Baqué


All imagery and film by Irene Baqué