#carcelpeople - Zehay & Cecilie

A long warm summer, sunshine, beers, and boys brought together Zehay and Cecilie. Today, they have a close friendship and connect by their strong beliefs towards people, nature and the future. Talented Olivia Rohde captured the two in Cecilie's collective in the northwest part of Copenhagen on a cold day in February. 

Zehay, 24 on March 18th, Copenhagen/Amsterdam
Cecilie Bøcher Carlsen, 21, Copenhagen


How did you grow up?

Z: Very locally in Copenhagen. Both my mom and dad, my kindergarten and school were based in the same neighborhood. I remember visiting my grandmother's house, sunbathing and playing in her garden. It seemed very exotic to go there, it is in a small village and I got to feed the neighbors’ horses.

C: In an old house with a big cherry tree in the garden, a mum and a dad, a dog, and a cat and my beloved sister


What have take you to where you are today?

Z: I guess just a bunch of random stuff honestly. I feel like it is very hard to pinpoint any specific moments. But I am definitely shaped by my family and friends.

C: Not stressing and thankfully grabbing the chances I am given.

What’s your most important turning point?

Z: Working at a shitty cafe for a shitty boss and then deciding I didn’t want to work for anybody who felt above me ever again.

C: Might be the first time I tried fried halloumi.


What’s your relation to Carcel?

Z: I first heard of Carcel through friends and when I looked into it, I felt that Carcel have a very sympathetic way of producing quality items.

C: I heard of Carcel though friends and really like their way of pushing the fashion industry into a more sustainable direction.


What are your hopes for the future?

Z: Doing something useful for others. Not just working or creating for myself.

C: That my grandchildren will have green grass between their toes.

All imagery by Olivia Rohde