#carcelpeople - Julia Lind

Julie grew up in Falun, Sweden, she is now walking the streets of Copenhagen and some time ago she walked into our hearts. We asked her to join #carcelpeople and to spend an afternoon with talented photographer Josephine Løchen. Read, see, learn and enjoy.


Julia Lind
27 y/o 

How did you grow up? 

I grew up in a small town called Falun, which is located around 2,5 hours northwest above Stockholm, in Sweden, with my two parents, their partners and my siblings. I think living in two households, with different members during different times and also moving a lot (within Falun) has made my relationship to the concept of “home” and “family” a bit different than the norm describes it. I try and find my home within me and I see my family as the ones that stand closest to me, which includes both of my parents and sibling but also my closest friends.

What got you to where you are today? 

I guess a lot of life events, both good and bad, have taken me to where I am today. But I am constantly moving and who knows where I end up.

What's your most important turning point? 

I haven’t really experienced a turning point, to be honest. I guess my life has turned around a lot (like A LOT) but I can’t really connect it to a certain life event or experience.

What's your relation to Carcel?

I remember falling in love with the baby alpaca vest the first time I saw my girlfriend wear it. She had just styled a campaign for you and told me all about your work and believes, which made me love the vest (and Carcel) even more.

What are your hopes for the future? 

I have a constant hope for (real) socialism.

All imagery by Josephine Løchen