What should fashion be in the future?

Today, we opened Copenhagen Fashion Week without models and without clothes. Instead, we asked all guests to step up on the catwalk, take action and help change the industry together.


It is both a privilege and a major responsibility to open the official program. We think that fashion weeks are more important than ever, but we need to change what the conversation is about. Instead of talking about what is new in styles and colors, we need to pause for a second to ask questions about the current focus on fast cycles and quick expiration dates. Constantly pushing new things.

The status quo is unacceptable and the dominant business model built on overproduction and overconsumption is broken. The climate crisis has arrived on our doorstep, and being spectators is not how any of us want to be remembered. None of us can change the industry alone. We need to unite our creative minds to shape how fashion can be part of solving problems in society, rather than causing them. 

Fashion is able to revolutionize mindsets and spark desire. And when it’s best, it’s at the forefront of progress. That’s why we believe that we now need to say goodbye to what we used to promote on the catwalk. We need a cultural revolution in fashion, a new perception of what is beautiful and cool which is aligned with the world we want to live in. More than ever, we need to meet and use this platform to share new ideas and new visions for where we want to go next. 

We do not have all the answers, but we are committed to action and building a better version. Here are some of the principles that we are working with:


_ No seasons, no sales and no waste - let’s stop treating clothes as if they have an expiration date

_ Fair wages to all people  

_ No plastic - synthetic or oil-based materials in our clothes

_ Biodegradable and recyclable packaging

_ Carbon offsetting all freight and next - all emissions

_ Transparency in our supply chain - even if we are not perfect

_ Dialogue  - continue to ask questions and listen to new ideas

_ Designed to last - think about quality from the beginning

_ Commit to action - even though we don’t have all the answers


There is a gigantic opportunity to change the status quo and use aesthetics and design to inspire us in this transition. It’s not an easy journey, but we all need to start walking together. Everything we do or do not do will impact our future. How we act in the next few years is fundamental to the world we wish to live in. This decade is our season. We hope you will walk with us.


Veronica D’Souza Founder, CARCEL


Video by Kristian Kirk




Video by Kristian Kirk