#carcelpeople - Nick Fortna

Nick is a citizen of the world, who dreams of moving to the countryside with his future family and calmly await the climate change apocalypse. Nick joined photographer Ebony Talijancich for a photoshoot on the outskirts of London. Here he's talking about his life in the city and a bit about the future. 


Nick, 24, just graduated from university and spending most of the time modeling at the moment, though he is not sure if that really counts as a profession...

What are you up to these days?

Living and studying in Montreal, Canada for the past 4 years. About to start an internship in Portland, USA - at an environmental organization called the Wild Salmon Center.

We caught you in London. How do you find the city?

London is not the easiest place to live but the people make it worth it. I moved here from Chicago when I was a toddler so, for better or worse, its the closest thing I have to a home. 

Can you describe your neighborhood to someone who has never been?

My neighborhood is an absolutely chaotic but wonderful mish-mash of every possible culture, nestled between Holloway Road and Finsbury Park. Home to everyone from Jeremy Corbyn to JME. 

What things do you love doing the most?

Reading, writing, photography, playing and listening to music with pals, pubs, etc.
How did you grow up?

Bit by bit, inch by inch.
How do you want to grow old?

Move to the countryside with my family and calmly await the climate change apocalypse.



Photography by Ebony Talijancich