Carcel Portraits: Jessie Lee Nash

Jessie aims to create an encouraging home just like the one she grew up in. Till then, she's enjoying the busy streets of London, it's people, and try to fulfil her dream of becoming a painter.

Jessie joined photographer Ebony Talijancich for a Carcel shoot in the outskirts of London. Here she's talking about her dreams for the future and her relation to the city. 



Jessie, 24 (next week), working at an art gallery in London - and trying not to lose sight of being a painter. 


How did you grow up?

In a household which was incredibly fun, loving, encouraging, and peaceful. I have incredible parents who work very hard to make sure myself and my two sisters have everything we need. Mum, dad, Renee, and Britt are my best friends!

What things do you love doing the most?

Painting, reading, and drinking beer.


What are you up to these days?

I’m about to go for some pizza. My partner is taking me away for my birthday next week and won’t tell me where the destination is so my main task currently is cracking that code. What if I pack for the wrong destination? Stressful.


London is...

...a stressful nightmare where my bank account has been deprived of any funds however I do love (most of) the people and the pubs.

Can you describe your neighbourhood to someone who has never been?

I actually live in a little village in Surrey and travel into London for work. So it’s basically the most beautiful place, especially in Autumn! Lots of different coloured leaves. A long walk if I want to get to the nearest high street. Peace and quiet, and it smells clean. Etc.

How do you want to grow old?

In love with what I’m doing, happy with who I am, and head over heels for someone that makes me as happy as my parents seem to make each other!


Photo: Ebony Talijancich - Jessie is wearing minty Long Sleeve Tee













Carcel Portraits: Jessie Lee Nash Carcel Portraits: Jessie Lee Nash