Behind Our Production: Analog and Fully Fashioned

Almost all knits you purchase today are made on giant industrial knitting machines using a “cut and sew” technique.

Going analog

The “cut and sew” process requires cutting flat pieces of knitted material into shapes and sewing them together to make clothing items, resulting in large amounts of waste due to the material being cut away. This production technique is preferred for mass production where speed and low-costs are the key drivers. We operate in a different way. We invest in people, in high-quality materials and in minimizing waste. We believe that it has a value bring forth the person behind every product – to make each piece come alive.

Prison in Peru

By using analog knitting machines we believe there is greater potential to combine the Peruvian knowledge with the fine and thin quality of alpaca wool. Intricate as well as plain patterns can be tested quickly, giving us the possibility to thoroughly test and choose the best and most elegant designs.

In the process of analog knitting, understanding how the fiber behaves, grasping new techniques and styles is not only easier access to us but also to the women in prison as it is possible to see, feel and correct the designs as they are being knitted. 

Production in prison, Peru

The art of the fully fashion technique

In Peru, there is a long ancient heritage that revolves around knitting. We respect the Peruvian culture and the many thousands of years of knowledge gained about the alpaca wool. We have chosen to manufacture all of our products using hand-knitting and analog machinery, which are instruments and techniques that require skills, sensitivity and most importantly, a person to move the threads and create the right pattern. 

Production in prison, Peru

This is where the art comes in. Female prisoners in Peru are already using hand-knitting machines, and many are extremely skilled. You might not be able to immediately see the difference between two of the same sweaters, but each woman puts her unique pace and feel in every item. With fully-fashioned knitwear, you are able to have a maximum exploration of precious resources with a minimal waste when being created.

We value quality and good design. With the fully fashion technique, we avoid stitching and ensure that the material has an elegant, natural and flattering fall on the body.