Q: What is your relationship to fashion? 

A: I love fashion. Especially if it tells a story. I really love that fashion is a way to express yourself. I see fashion as communication. Fashion is all about evoking emotions, convey messages and can also reveal an identity or community. That’s what’s so strong about fashion. 

You can be flamboyant and creative with fashion. Fashion is also a playground for me. Here I feel strong, confident and at home. 

Q: What is most important to you when dressing? 

A: The most important thing about dressing is that it should support me, my universe and my personality. 

I almost only wear clothes that I feel connected to or tells a story in some way. But comfort also plays a significant factor. It should feel comfortable.

Q: What is your craziest dream? 

A: My (crazy) dream is to start a design community within design and crafts. Maybe also supported by a magazine.