Q: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would it be?

A: I usually let the people around me decide, but I would say that I am outgoing, ambitious, and creative. 

Q: What do you think defines good style?

A: I mean, for me it is probably a matter of being confident in whatever you wear, and committing to it. I can wear loafers, dress-pants and a blazer one day, and an oversized sweat, joggers and slippers the other. If you are comfortable wearing the fit’ you are wearing, it will shine through. 

Q: Where do you get inspiration from for your job as Creative Director?

A: Inspiration can be everywhere from me. I am exposed to so many different people through my job, and I take something away from almost every interaction I have with another person. Otherwise I find inspiration in art, music, film, and architecture. The culture in general.

Q:What is your favorite Carcel item?

A: Well, the one I am wearing. The Carin oversized sweater is freaking incredible. It has already become a stable in my wardrobe.