Q: Which item in your wardrobe do you use the most? 

A: (GIO) I never leave home without my sunglasses. Having a good rotation is a must for me. Right now im definitely getting a good use of my new Eddie Kyu sunglasses from Flatlist Eyewear. (CHARLEE)  I’m currently obsessed with a blue puffer jacket from Elisabet Stamm, everything she makes is so unique. The jacket goes with everything and resembles the sky. 

Q:What makes you laugh the most? 

A:(GIO) My Girlfriend. She’s funny but she gets it from me. Hahaha jk!! And my friends ofc! (CHARLEE) Gio definitely makes me laugh the most, he always catches me off guard with parodies and funny faces. 

Q:If you could only bring three things on a desert island, what would you bring?

A:(GIO) A book. (“The Complete Beginners Guide To Swimming: Professional guidance and support to help you through every stage of learning how to swim“) And an outfit from Elisabet Stamm I can be cozy in. Jacket + Pant.  (CHARLEE) A good book, paper and a pencil.